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"Now here's a place that you can go that will make you happy! 
It's called a laughing place, and everybody has one, even if you don't know it..." 
--Professor Ludwig Von Drake
To reserve your spot in the next Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, send a deposit of $75 to
The Center of Joy.  Contact for mailing info or make a payment via paypal here:

Training Cost: $295
Early bird registration
(by May 6th): $250
Register here with
$75 deposit.

To "Be" and "Live"
laughter is to:

(Some reflections from recent
CLYL trainees...)

"Reconnect with the child in you."
"Free yourself from self-consciousness."
"Release emotions & stress."
"Let go; be in the moment."
"Engage in relationships without judgment, to share happiness, to touch and heal."
"Accept / choose joy."
"Be willing to become completely open and available and let go of predictable emotion."
"Be unrestricted and allow freedom to take over."
"Be an instrument of joy!"
"Dance with mischief."
"Freedom! Release!"
"Feel connected to all
through laughter."

"Be serene in your own skin." 
the center of joy
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 Laughter Offerings
      "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter."
                                   --e.e. cummings

Current Laughter offerings include...

Providence Laughter Club 
FREE!  2nd and 4th Tuesdays!
Laughter Yoga on the Ph
Laugh with me on the
national "laugh line"!  
Hasya (Laughter) Yoga Workshops
Laugh, breathe and be merry!
Yoga de la Risa 
Laughter Yoga in Spanish


World Laughter Day  Celebrate WLD on the 1st Sunday in May!

Laughter & Silence Workshops & Retreats  Discover the magical alchemy of these two extraordinary partners...
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training  Become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader!

Find out more about
Laughter Yoga and its benefits.

Or find Laughter Yoga related videos, web-links and quotes. 
Discover the power of intentional laughter one on one through
Center of Joy Coaching!
Request a copy of Rebecca'
"Top Twelve Ways to be your own Center of Joy"

 Providence Laughter Club!
FREE!  2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30pm



mission of the Providence Laughter Club is to explore, nourish and share intentional laughter as a means of cultivating wellness, healing, playfulness and connection in ourselves and our communities.  It is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious member-led group.

Club Location:
Due to an elevator overhaul at the Providence Institute
we are currently laughing at:
South Side Yoga Center
19 Elmwood Ave., Providence RI

This is a FREE Club, though donations to support the club’s
use of the space are welcome and appreciated.

Open to anyone interested in exploring and
sharing in the power of laughter! 

Join other Rhode Islanders in this joyful, playful, breath giving, life enhancing exercise!  To stay "in the loop" re., Laughter Club details (where, when,  etc.)
send an email to with "add to laughter e-list" in the subject heading.

Check out:
Bubbles of Joy!
The Levity Project's most recent video, featuring PLC members at sunrise!  "May we all enjoy this moment."

Find out more about Laughter Yoga and its benefits.
Or find Laughter Yoga related
videos, web-links and quotes.         

 World Laughter Day is celebrated throughout the world on the first Sunday of May.

WLD Rhode Island 2013: Mary McDonald of "Laughter Hours" facilitated a delightful celebration at River Island Park in Woonsocket.

WLD Providence 2011: About 35 folks celebrated in Lippitt Park.  It was a fabulous event on a gorgeous day.  Ages ranged from 2 years old to 83 years old! 


WLD Providence 2010 celebrated with a world record breaking belly-chain laugh on the East Side YMCA lawn!  Note official world record patches below.  Or see the official video at the Universal Record Database.

 Laughter Yoga on the Phone
Start your day with laughter, levity and play!  Led by dedicated volunteer laughers Rebecca, Donna, Kay and Ellen, the Morning Levity Call happens 7 days a week at 8am (EST).  Laugh with Rebecca on Mondays!

Call (712) 432-3900. 
Code is 6071292#. 

The call is free other than your own long distance charges, if any. 
All calls last 20 minutes-- you can drop in for any or all. 

That's me, laughing on the 8 am laugh line on the Providence River!  I've called into the line from trains, airports, my bed, walking to class, in hotel exercise rooms, city parks and from at least fifteen different states!

The laugh line currently has 12 different calls every day.  Other call times (all EST) include:
6am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12 noon, 1pm, 8pm, 9pm (Mon. only), 10pm, 12 midnight (Mon, Wed, Fri only) and 1am. 
Go to "laughter on the phone" for more details. 

 Hasya (Laughter) Yoga Workshops
Laugh, breathe and be merry!

If you are looking for a free place to practice intentional laughter (and meet other amazingly awesome laughter yogis!), check out the Providence Laughter Club .  In addition, I offer private workshops and classes for groups and businesses (see below).  For information about one on one coaching visit Center of Joy Coaching .

Laughter is universal, easily accessible and "the best medicine" around.  Yet most 21st century humans spend most of their time stressed out, stuck in their heads, and complaining.  Experience instead the joy of connecting with others by laughing for no reason at all... 

"The laughter yoga class was amazing!  It has really pushed me to live more positively and more merrily!  I'm already laughing even more than I used to and I know I will continue."                                  --Nathan T.

"I was absolutely amazed at the feeling of a deep intimate connection with total strangers through a simple laugh."                               --Derek C.
"It's the most connected to a group of people (strangers) that I've felt in ages!  Thanks for reconnecting me."                               --Alanna G.

"Thank you!  This was so fun and playful.  I'm leaving the class still laughing."                                                                     --Michele F.

I have offered laughter yoga exercises and workshops in a variety of settings, including hospitals, law firms, preschools, universities and state prisons.  If you would like more information about bringing Laughter Yoga to you, contact

“Quotes from my employees include: exhilarating, invigorating, beautiful, stress relieving, gratifying, energizing.  It was a lot of fun and carried over a sense of group connection and fun with each other.  Our staff has already asked, “When can we do it again?”                                                                  -- David B. Green, Green & Greenberg, Counselors at Law

Find out more about Laughter Yoga and its benefits.
Or find Laughter Yoga related
videos, web-links and quotes.       

Already a yogi?  Learn how laughter can deepen your spiritual practice here.  

 Exploring Laughter & Silence

Laughter and silence are extraordinary partners.

In laughter, we trade in our anxious judging
minds for a playful and spontaneous
connection with what is.

In silence, we befriend ourselves at
the deepest level, opening to acceptance,
wisdom and trust.

Paired together, they invite us to embrace
our lives (and each other) with the open-hearted
presence & childlike wonder to which so
many spiritual traditions point...

Laughter & Silence at Eyes of the World
"An Uncommon Exploration of Breath & Meditation."  Wednesday June 25th at 7pm.  Click here for more info.

The Laughter & Silence Day-long Retreat:
Discover the magical alchemy of Laughter & Silence gracefully intertwined in this day long meditation retreat.  Stay tuned for next date.  


 Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

Stay tuned for next dates.

Stay tuned for next dates. Note: I've decided to let go of the traditional single weekend model in an effort to offer a more balanced and integrated experience for all.  Trainings take place on two Friday eves and two Saturday afternoons over the course of two weeks, with home practice, teaching and reflection in between.  This model gives trainees more opportunity to explore, integrate and live laughter, while also encouraging more time for processing, balance and ease. 

"Made a huge difference in my life!"
"Fabulous, enlightening, freeing!"

May 2014 LY Trainees

This Laughter-Yoga Leader Certification course is offered through Laughter Yoga International.  For information about the next Rhode Island training, contact

Why get certified in Laughter Yoga?

  1. You will learn all there is to know about this simple, delightful and essential human expression.
  2. You will laugh more over the course of 18 hours than you ever have in your life-- just because you choose to-- and will discover from the inside out the power of this transformative practice.
  3. You will have plenty of opportunities to experience, talk about and practice delivering a wide variety of laughter yoga exercises.
  4. You will know Laughter Yoga inside and out-- from history and benefits to practical advice on leading others in laughter to working with kids and seniors to liability forms.
  5. You will be certified by Laughter Yoga International to lead laughter yoga all around the world.
  6. You will dramatically improve your ability to use laughter intentionally to support your own health and happiness.
  7. You will connect with other people interested in bringing more laughter and levity and light into their lives and into the world.


Quotes from recent trainees: 

"Wonderful!  Rebecca is an amazing teacher.  H
ope to continue this wonderful gift of laughter in my life and in the world.  Thank you so much-- made a huge difference in my life!"

"Rebecca is a fantastic Laughter Yoga teacher.  I loved the class.  Can't wait to introduce Laughter Yoga to everyone who will listen...!"
"Surprisingly challenging, deep and introspective..."

"An awesome, fun filled weekend... great leadership with heart and
soul. Makes me want to go straight home and share with others." 

"This was truly a wonderful experience. I had no
idea what to expect and had never even attended a laughter yoga class!  This is a wonderful tool for life.  Rebecca is amazing!"

"I loved this training.  Rebecca is so playful, expressive, knowlegeable and down to earth. I had a blast yet felt very peaceful, relaxed and calm." 
"Excellent and life changing!  Great way to deal with a sense of
hopelessness in the face of injustice.  Frees up a sense of hope and optimism." 

"Reawakened laughter in me and I can't wait to share with others, incorporate in my daily life and integrate into my professional consulting.  Rebecca is a dedicated guide and teacher."
"A freeing experience that reframed the way I look at my life and the world."
"Rebecca's infectious
laughter and fun yet gentle energy made this such a rewarding and transformative experience!"
 "Exceptional!  Laughter Yoga really IS unique."

"The training was so uplifting and fun-- and I didn't know I had s
uch a full laugh!  Wow, I surprised myself!"
"A wonderful experience-- it was inspiring, enlightening, joyful, and fun filled.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift!"
"Fabulous! I really love to laugh and it has been great to touch into that place in the presence of others.  The still point inside after laughing is phenomenal."
"Natural and not forceful-- Rebecca lovingly guides us all.  My favorite aspect was forming connections beyond what words can express."
"Amazing.  Exceeded my high expectations!"

And this note arrived several months after a training:
"I am happy and well and using Laughter Yoga every week in my group therapies and even with some individuals. . . I myself am happier and healthier, as my family (especially grandkids) will attest!"

Core themes of the training:
The Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training gently guides you in the exploration of two principal themes:
  1. The skill and art of delivering successful and meaningful laughter yoga sessions to diverse folks in a variety of contexts; and
  2. What it means to "be" and "live" laughter in the world.

Who should participate in the Laughter Yoga Leader training?
  • Anyone interested in learning more about laughter and laughter yoga; AND / OR
  • Anyone interested in leading others (family, friends, colleagues, students, seniors, etc.) in laughter yoga; AND / OR
  • Anyone interested in investing significant time into laughing for no reason with other amazing laughter yogis (!).
Registration details:
  • Total cost of the training: $295.
  • Early bird rate (two weeks prior): $250.
  • Two or more people registering together: $222 each.
  • Payment plans available.
To register for the next Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training, send a deposit of $75 to The Center of Joy.  For more information and mailing address please email Rebecca at
 Or register via paypal here:


  Yoga de la Risa
Laughter Yoga in Spanish (English
speakers welcome!) 

Venga a una clase bilingüe en la que podrás venir a reír sin razón alguna y practicar respiraciones yóguicas, obteniendo beneficios inmediatos:


  • Haces posturas fáciles y ejercicios que despiertan tu risa.
  • Liberas el estrés físico, mental y emocional. 
  • Encuentras la forma más divertida de llenar tu cuerpo con oxígeno y endorfinas.
  • Ejercitas tu cuerpo (1 minuto de risa vigorosa equivale a 10 minutos de remo).
  • Aumentas tu capacidad respiratoria y fortaleces tu sistema inmunológico.
  • Mejoras tus relaciones sociales y tu autoestima.
  • Aprendes a vivir la vida en forma más alegre y positiva.

Haga clic aquí para ver un video de una entrevista con mi amigo Luis hablando de los beneficios de Yoga de La Risa. Incluye una pequeña demostración.  Jo Jo Ja Ja Ja!


Entrenamiento Certificacion de Yoga de la Risa
Cuernavaca, Mexico 2009
Para más información, mande un email a:

Top 12 Ways to Be Your Own Center of Joy

Set the intention this year to be your very own Center of Joy.  View and print Rebecca's "Top 12 Ways," circle your favorite two or three and make it so!

(You can also see Rebecca' "Top Eleven Ways to Incorporate More Laughter into Your Life!"! Commit to making this year a laughter filled year...)
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